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Scalable Digital Home Ultra Performance Platform

The Cortina Systems® CS7542/CS7522 Scalable Digital Home Ultra Performance Platform address the paradigm shift occurring in the market place due to the emergence of IPTV technology and the convergence of DVB, router gateways, and DVR set top boxes. The CS7542/CS7522 creates a new model of a single delivery platform that delivers simultaneous line rate bandwidth for secured data, voice, video, and mobile services without service degradation. Its industry leading IPSec and enterprise class QoS/routing performance makes it an ideal solution for powerful digital home and SMB networking appliances.

With the integration of six transport stream inputs, the CS7542/CS7522 Digital Home Platform is an ideal platform for CATV, DVB, and IPTV video convergence, a critical objective for MSOs, Telcos, and GoogleTV. In addition to the digital home market, the CS7542/CS7522, as an enterprise-class, ultra performance SoC solution, is particularly well suited for SMB VPN routers, enterprise access points, and a variety of storage applications.

  • Digital Home Video Gateway (CS7542 only)
  • Networked Set Top Boxes (STB)
  • Multi-service Home Router/Gateway
  • Network Attached Storage and Media Server
  • Security Premise Systems and VPN Termination Services
  • High Performance Processor: Powerful 4,000 DMIPS Dual ARM Cortex A9 with dual NEON DSP Extension core enables computationally intensive applications and the ability to add new services without a platform upgrade
  • Gigabit Line Rate Network Engine: Enterprise network performance with service aware QoS addresses any needs from Service Provider
  • Flexible Architecture: Robust set of networking/storage/video/audio interfaces to address different markets and applications
  • Enterprise Performance: Gigabit line rate security for network VPN or content DRM/CA; powerful Packet Engine enables WiFi offload, packet encapsulation, segmentation
  • Active Power Management: Low power gateway operating mode to meet any future green standard
Item Har Code Rohs Msl Media Package Pin Ct eN PCN Number ECCN
WPCS7522E.A1-900208 8542.39.0000 Pb FREE 3 TRAY FCBGA 324 e1   5A002
WPCS7542E.A1-900210 8542.39.0000 Pb FREE 3 TRAY FCBGA 561 e1   5A002
Products CS7542/CS7522